The 2012 Medieval Workshop is organized by faculty members of the University of British Columbia who are involved with the Early Romance Studies Research Cluster and working in conjunction with the Medieval Studies Committee (Faculty of Arts).

Principal organizers:
Nancy Frelick (FHIS, UBC)
Juliet O’Brien (FHIS, UBC)
Chantal Phan (FHIS, UBC)

Student organizer:
Deborah Moniuk (FHIS, UBC)

Student assistant:
Stephanie Williams (FHIS, UBC)

Monika Edinger
Marina Lushchenko
Margherita Romengo
Dorian Simonneaux
Marilyse Turgeon-Solis
Cristina Uroni
Mike Wilkinson
Kristyna Zemanova

Juliet O’Brien

Advisory Committee:
Raúl Alvarez-Moreno (FHIS, UBC)
Alison Beringer (2010-11: CENES, UBC; 2011-12: Classics & General Humanities, Montclair State University)
Niall Christie (Corpus Christi College, UBC and Langara College)
Farid Laroussi (FHIS, UBC)
Carla Nappi (History, UBC)
Rose Marie San Juan (History of Art, University College London)
Gernot Wieland (English, UBC)

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