Banquet location: Banana Leaf Kitsilano

The Saturday evening banquet will be at Banana Leaf Kitsilano

  • 3005 West Broadway, Kitsilano, Vancouver V6K 2G9
  • on West Broadway near Carnavon Street, between MacDonald Street and Balaclava Street
  • public transport:
    ❀ option 1 = walk to the main (north) UBC Loop and take the 99 bus to the MACDONALD stop (Broadway at Macdonald Street), then cross the road and walk back along West Broadway for a few blocks. The 99 bus is frequent and fast, but may be busy/packed
    ❀ option 2 = walk to the War Memorial (south) UBC loop and take the 9 or 17: less frequent, slightly slower, and makes more stops. The nearest stop for Banana Leaf Kitsilano is BALACLAVA (Broadway at Balaclava Street): cross the road, Banana Leaf is a couple of doors down from the (marvellous) Vancouver Kidsbooks shop.
    ❀ for bus routes and schedules: the current best option is to consult Google Maps, using its “directions” function, and clicking on the bus-image:
  • there may be some space in cars, c/o some generous Vancouver locals at the Workshop…
  • taxi: make sure your driver knows you’re going to the Kitsilano Banana Leaf, at #3005 (the restaurant has another branch, further along Broadway, called “Banana Leaf Broadway”)

The UBC bus loops, located relative to Green College:

The main (north) and War Memorial (south) bus loops:

More maps:

Detailed map, for walking from the 99 bus stop at Broadway & Macdonald:

Detailed map, for walking from the 9/17 stop at Balaclava: