Main location: Green College Coach House

Green College Coach House & Piano Lounge
6201 Cecil Green Park Road
Vancouver V6T 1Z1 BC CANADA

❀ See also: getting around Vancouver

❀ NB: possible source of confusion: there is also a building called “Cecil Green Park Coach House.” It is an entirely different place, and you will find no Medieval conferring going on there. Same Mr. Green at the origin of both place-names, on the same road, both edifices are modern versions of the coach house, and it is the CGPCH that appears on many official UBC maps labelled as “coach house.” JO’B has added this warning here as she went to the wrong coach house when she first attended a UBC Medieval Workshop, and would like to spare others the same panic, stress, indignities, and indignation.


The UBC bus loop is about 15 minutes’ walk from Green College Coach House.

Fully mapped out:


❀ If you are arriving by car or by taxi, from downtown Vancouver (travelling westwards), take CHANCELLOR BOULEVARD to the NORTH side of campus.
❀ Once approaching UBC, look for UBC GATE 3 on Chancellor Boulevard/Northwest Marine Drive. It’s the point at which that road changes name, and you’ll see a turn off to the left.
❀ Do not turn left!
❀ Shortly after that turning, take the first turning on your RIGHT on CECIL GREEN PARK ROAD.
❀ On your right-hand side, after the first block of buildings, there will be a small car park. Very small: room for only a few cars. Get the driver to drop you off here: the main entrance to Green College and the Coach House are about a minute’s walk away. Green College Coach House is next to Graham House, both of which are in the main complex of Green College buildings.
❀ (A possible cause for confusion: there is another, entirely different, building also called “Coach House” further along Cecil Green Park Road.)

If you are driving to the Medieval Workshop: the nearest parking is ROSE GARDEN PARKADE.

Detailed Directions: A road map and detailed directions for Green College – Graham House, Green Commons, Coach House – Building D can be found on Google.

(Clicking on the maps above will open up a larger image; screenshots taken from Google Maps.)

Some more maps: